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Transformational coaching, shamanic healing practice, distance crystal healing, reiki healing

"This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still treat each guest honorably.  

The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes in, because each has sent as a guide from beyond."  


Bridging Transformational Coaching with Energy HealingI guide conscious Leaders & Creatives on their journey of spiritual mastery and personal empowerment to curate authentic life & businesses, and kosmic legacies. 

After dedicating my intellect and creativity to the international art world in three continents for a decade,

I now help humans to discover their soul mission and life purpose, connect their Higher Self, achieve personal, spiritual, creative and sexual empowerment, and attain healtier life styles with clarity, abundance, purpose, and joy. 

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New to Healing

If our paths are crossed, this is not a coincidence. You heard your heart's calling, and I take pleasure in guiding you on your journey of transformation and improving your holistic wellness at SANAT Healing.

Supporting you on the path of self discovery, growth and recovery, I offer complimentary 30 min session, 4 Petals of Life to strategize a personalized road map for transformation and healing. 


4 Petals of Life invites you to assess your foundation in relationships, prosperity, pleasures and spiritual living. So, you can have a profound understanding for your current needs of healing and level of consciousness. You are ready, let's initiate your healing! 

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Knowing the Way

the way of love, knowing the way, labyrint, book session, sanat healing, quinn turan, energy healer, crystals, spiritual life coach, transformation, inner being, peace, San Francisco, California

If you feel confident booking any 1:1 Sessions & Programs, go ahead and schedule it!

Connecting your True Self (Higher Self) and unlocking your highest potentials during your journey of transformation, the most essential skill you will develop is trusting your intuition.

That subtle voice of inner knowing transfers the wisdom of kosmic intelligence to align your choices and actions with your highest good. Thus, I encourage you to take account of your intuition at every chance, and open up to the unknown and new possibilities. I look forward to serving your way!

the way of love, knowing the way, labyrint, book session, sanat healing, quinn turan, energy healer, crystals, new york, spiritual life coach, transformation, inner being, peace
know thyself, holistic healing, discover soul purpose, life dna activation, live abundant life, experience fulfillment, discover mission, self love, heal the past, live abundant life, san francisco, california

what to achieve

Although each 1:1 Program is designed in its unique content structure, the following outcomes apply all programs at SANAT Healing: 

holistic healing :  You will learn practical daily tips and tools to improve your holistic health and wellness which support your overall physical and energy bodies as well as the quality of life.

know thyself :  You will discover new aspects and qualities of self while assessing your relationship with the self, others, and life itself, as well as your inner child and shadow self. 

Understanding your energetic and etheric connections with the others and the patter of reasoning behind the choices you make outside the linear timeline places you to the rightful creator role. 

purpose & mission :  Clearing and balancing your energy bodies, healing your emotional wounds, de-coding old conditioning and patterns, you will bring out your authenticity. 

Getting lighter and connecting your Higher Self deeper and deeper each day, you will gain clarity on your soul mission and life purpose, and the easiest paths to your higher potential. 

know thyself, holistic healing, discover soul purpose, life dna activation, live abundant life, experience fulfillment, discover mission, self love, heal the past, live abundant life
Awakening Mastery program is for conscious professionals who seek transformation and empowerment.
Transformational coaching, energy healing for spiritual awakening, mental clarity, emotional mastery

Are you seeking more from life? 

Need support and guidance during the pains of spiritual awakening?

Ready to take a journey of transformation and experience your life in its fullest potential?

Portrait of a young woman with bold glowing makeup posing in the studio. Shape of colored
Divine creativity is for artists and creatives to ignite their creative powers to enhance intuition

Have you been desiring to ignite your creativity, and receive abundant ideas and inspirations aligned with your life purpose? Do you wish to freely express your true essence in every area of life?

sanat healing, facing fear, healing programs, spiritual awakening, from awakening to spiritual mastery, shadow work, inner child healing, shamanic journeying, guided meditation, crystals, san francisco, california
Facing fear program guides awakened people to connect their true self and inner light

Can you look inside and name what you fear the most when living in duality & contrast of the Earth? 

Need guidance to connect your inner light while walking into the unknown and evolving through the pains of spiritual awakening?

Holistic Wellness and Spiritual Mastery tips  &  Complimentary Power Animal Retrieval!

Welcome to the Cosmic Light of SANAT!

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