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hi, i'm quinn c!

Founder • Coach • Healer

After dedicating my intellect and creativity to the international art industry for a decade, performing at four corners of curating contemporary art, managing art galleries, academic teaching, and art sales; I answered a familiar, yet wild call to open doors to unknown, and mysteries of universe. 

I am a Certified Pro Crystal Healer, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Shaman, Life Activation and Reiki Practitioner, and Brain Profiler. As an Initiate of Modern Mystery School, I continue my advanced spiritual training in light of Hermetic teachings, alchemy, shamanism, and magick. 

Guiding humans on their journey of enlightenment for personal, spiritual, sexual and creative empowerment,

I invented a unique and transformative healing modality which bridges Transformational Coaching with Energy Healing. My mission is to help humanity to reach their highest potential and create new life styles aligned with holistic wellness, and introduce new visions of Spiritual Life & Business on the way of cosmic evolution and becoming galactic beings. 

I hold a Master's degree in Media and Cultural Studies and continue working on the crosscurrents of social sciences, psychoanalysis, anthropology, technology, quantum physics, cosmology, gender, sexuality, and everyday life studies in conjunction with visual art and cultural studies. I am now connecting these collections

of knowledge with the healing principles where art, form and beauty meet functionality.


                Pro Crystal Healer

Distant Crystal Healing

Life Activation Practitioner

Shamanic Journeying & Divination

Shamanic Healing

Celtic Shaman Initiate

Brain Profiler & Understanding EQ

Spiritual Life Coaching

Holistic Coaching

Reiki II Practitioner

Sacred Geometry

Inner Child and Protectors

MA in Media and Cultural Studies

BA in Art Management

Crystalline Academy, USA       

Crystalline Academy, USA       

Modern Mystery School, USA       

The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, USA

The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, USA

Modern Mystery School, USA       

Six Seconds, USA       

Evercoach, USA      

Evercoach, USA      

International Center for Reiki Training, USA      

Modern Mystery School, USA       

Embodied Philosophy, USA

University of Sussex, UK      

Yildiz Technical University, TR      


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