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facing fear program

life activation + 3 sessions

Facing Fear Program is designed to awaken you to your highest potential and human divineness. The first step of activating your DNA opens you up to your true nature and deepening your connection with your Higher Self (your non-physical part aka cosmic intelligence). Life Activation (in-person session) is followed by 3 Healing Sessions (online session) to support the process of its integration.

This process depends on two main factors: 1) how much spiritual work and emotional healing needs to be done and 2) intensity of resistance of your negative ego towards the change. Healing Sessions adapting a holistic approach ease this period of transition while supporting your spiritual growth and personal empowerment, and providing you emotional healing and transformation in many areas of your life. 

When you book Facing Fear (Healing Package), you are initially scheduling your in-person session of Life Activation. The following online Healing Sessions will be booked via e-mail throughout a suggested time frame which takes over 2 months.  [view the details of Session Frequency and Add-on Sessions

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You will achieve

∆ Breaking free from the matrix and connecting your Higher Self of cosmic intelligence 


∆ Healing your emotional wounds which hold you back from living your life at highest potential 

∆ Having mental clarity and inspiration while overwriting negative thought patterns 

∆ Finding your heart & mind coherence and continuous balance in every aspect of your life 

∆ Developing healthy boundaries, and adapting new self-love and self-reliance habits 

∆ Improving your relationships while resolving conflicts in different areas of your life 

∆ Feeling more vitality and flow of energy through your body and energy systems 

'Facing Fear' is for You, if... 

You are experiencing spiritual awakening, transition or changes in life and seeking energy medicine modalities to improve your holistic health and wellness. 

You want to find a balance in your inner duality of fears, identities, power conflicts while gaining mastery at managing your emotions, thoughts, and manifested realities. 

You want to achieve clarity and inspiration which allow you to create abundant and joyful life experiences aligned with your life purpose at ease and in flow.  

You have achieved many successes in different areas of your life and now looking for taking a further step to the unknown where all possibilities and mysteries reside which will lead to awakening your spiritual mastery. 

You have a conscious awareness on the benefits of healing your emotional wounds and breaking negative thought patterns and cycles. 

You desire to create a deeper connection with your Higher Self and develop your intuitive skills to take inspired actions to curate authentic life and legacies. 

Tree of Life

Session Frequency

After receiving your Life Activation, you are invited to schedule your first Healing Session in the period of three weeks. It is suggested that remaining two Healing Sessions are booked in two weeks in row to assure the momentum of healing and transformation keep moving.

Add-on Sessions

After completing all Healing Sessions in your Facing Fear Program, you can continue with Add-on Sessions with a discounted price of $220. Kindly secure booking your Add-on Session in the period of two weeks following your last session.

some clients love

"I began with Quinn with the 'Life Activation". She assured me that when you have a firm belief things will happen. I scheduled 3 more Healing Sessions with her and she has greatly helped me out of old negative patterns and limiting thoughts. It is great heaving someone form Modern Mystery School who has Esoteric/ Hermetic/ Shamanic teaching, wisdom right here in New York. Are you ready to release negative energy and allow a new beginning in your life? I would highly recommend her if your are poised to live an Extra-Ordinary life as a Sovereign Being. She has helped me and supported me to heal and make the best conscious choice to live my exalted life."


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