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3d illusions & need for healing

We better learn how to recycle not only consumed products and waste, but also our thoughts and emotions; only then, we can transmute all ego-driven negativity into balance and harmony for the highest good of all.

Today's life styles in the midst of after post-postmodernism (we really need a proper name here!) are designed to stimulate fast, superficial and mostly toxic circulation of consumerism. While the names and characteristics of eras are changing, as we are now dwelling in the post-digital age in terms of technology based societies, one concept persists of self benefit for many centuries is consumerism. Throughout the history of civilization, humans have been led away from their essence, their connection to nature, their own bodies, emotions and divine ability of creating. We eventually ended up consuming lies to ease our pains and soulaches while building our castles in the sand of illusions. Those lies are mainly served us in various forms of:

1) twisted information which pollute the mind and keep it in loop of desires,

2) processed food and chemically modified drinking water which the human body

are challenged coping with,

3) luxury brands in their majestic logo ugliness which contribute to the gap in

socio-economic levels,

4) developing technology which are misused to create addictions,

5) some technology which is harmful for human body and energy systems

such as microwaves and EMF,

6) (digital) identities built on the world trends not True Self,

7) daily products from cosmetics to clothing, cleaning and city planning which are

toxic to human body and the world herself.

And the most efficient way to convince humans to consume the things that they do not need or unhealthy for their well being and environment is stimulating constant desires by emotional manipulation. There are several factors in play. When one is trapped in the matrix where 3D illusions are sequentially reproduced, they live by the rules of the system trends - which their motives and affective areas are just briefly explained. And, raising conscious awareness and taking respond-ability for our choices and actions are first steps of breaking free from the illusions. Empowerment establishes when our focus is directed to the self, although there is so much pain, mental clutter, repressed emotions require healing.

The main characteristic of 3rd density (dimension) is the cycles of self awareness - which is stated in reference to becoming mind/body/spirit complexes in the Law of One: Book 1 (the Ra Material) 📚- that overlaps with the cycles of love and understanding on the way of evolution to the next cycles of light and wisdom in the 5th density existence. Self awareness has its roots in becoming conscious about the self as an individual as part of human collective and cosmic consciousness, and about all components of the self: thoughts, emotions and deeds, while learning respond-ability towards the self, life, others and the world in large capacity. Once self-awareness is achieved and conscious expansion is set in motion, one realizes that there are different realities beyond illusions, all is one and everything is intricately intertwined through the space-time continuum.

Then, the bittersweet phase of questioning the established systems of illusions begins. This is also a time of making adjustments in daily life by eliminating negative habits, patterns and choices, and unhealthy consumptions. Taking an action in adjustment usually is accompanied by energy healing to support the changes in mental and emotional bodies during the period of transformation. Note that this process is non-linear as the needs of individuals during the process of spiritual awakening differ depending on their past experiences, ancestral lineages that they carry and their soul missions to be accomplished.

Going back to the idea of that desires are constantly stimulated by emotional manipulations, it is vital to comprehend that we are having human experience as multidimensional light beings on the planet of emotions. Emotions are our navigation system moving through everyday life while making sorts of choices. They reflect our soul desires and also give strong clues on where we are currently at in comparison to those higher goals and dreams. Majority of humans are not aware of this fact about themselves (again in the territory of self-awareness), and also have no idea how to connect with their bodies to utilize this natural navigation system.

By leaving the benefits of emotional healing to another article, it is worth mentioning the complex interconnectivity of human body at its full functionality of physiological and psychological systems along with energy systems linked to chakras, meridians and glands. If this basic understanding of self-awareness is not accomplished, one might be open to any kind of manipulation as a consequence of the absence of sovereignty. They consume what is advertised without questioning its necessity or qualities of being human and eco-friendly; they behave the way they have been taught appropriate by the school, church and politics while judging and discriminating each other by those rules; they hurt each other with poisonous words; they break each other's hearth by all means of insecurity, emotional wounds, and childhood traumas. The list can go on by picturing a perfect example for the illusion of freedom in the land of glamorous slavery.

👀 Just wondering if any of these facts sound familiar, because we all go through such experiences during the cycles of self-awareness at some point in our lives in contemporary consumer cultures. Then, there comes the need of healing to cleanse the self from the old patterns of thoughts, emotions, and habits; to release family and ancestral wounds (that did not belong to us at the first place); to restore dis-eases from the body and energy systems; to learn intuition and the guidance of emotions; to connect with True Self; to remember who we truly are and our soul missions and life purposes. Healing of the soul, body and mind..

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