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crystal healing 101: who are they?

Do you know that the crystals are alive and have their own consciousness?

How do you think that these aesthetically appealing stones contribute to the human body and energy systems for transformation, restoration, balancing, and protection?

The answers might not be simple, but little magick and science are involved.

'Who' are Crystals?

Yes, you read that right! Crystals are conscious and alive as any other sentient being on this planet.

They belong with Mother Earth. They are here to guide humans on our evolution journey, and as powerful and effective as they are, must be used with clear intentions for highest good of all.

Our connection with crystals are mutual for remembering and activating our blueprints and transformational journey of galactic evolution. The more we interact and connect with them, and invite them into our energy systems, the more we are equally aligned with this higher purpose.

Each member of Mineral Kingdom is formed under a specific design of sacred geometry, and holds unique healing properties which respond to the frequencies of varied physical, emotional & mental, and spiritual conditions of contemporary humans.

Because everything is energy from the most dense to the light, and the frequency is the universal language of energy, understanding the effects of the power of crystals on humans and their surroundings are concealed in the quantum realms. A place wherein be reached through the portal of heart, and only when universal consciousness and cosmic intelligence are sparked from inside.

There are many mysteries about crystals await to be unveiled by remembering the wisdom of the divine. The divineness in self, Mother Earth and the cosmic universe. Crystals are one of the alchemical tools in mystery teachings which were swept under the unfortunate representation of the cast-out heretic practices as well as uncanny reputation of false authorities. It is time to clear this illusion with open heart by valuing and placing them where they belong.

qualities and healing properties of crystals

Crystals possess a special quality known as piezoelectric effect which means they accumulate and hold an electric charge, and respond to the electricity in the Earth's energy field. Other than crystals, some materials which show piezoelectric effect may be listed as certain ceramics, biological materials like bones, DNA and various proteins.

When a crystal enters in the human energy field (aura), it can change the vibration of it. Vibration is a speed of motion which has a direct correlation to its frequency which can be defined as a state of being in relation to the value and quality of its vibration.

Higher the frequency is, higher the vibration will be. The same correlation also applies to the density of the material. Higher the frequency and vibration are, lighter the being will be. Responding human energy systems at the vibrational level, the crystals can emit, transmute and amplify current energies.

Speaking of the crystals' healing properties, they operate in three main categories: 1) physical, 2) mental & emotional, and 3) spiritual in terms of their interaction with human energy systems, chakras and meridian channels. With crystal healing, all these factors are at play including crystals' interactions with each other when healing protocols are created.

Considering 'Principle of Mentalism' which states "the all is mind, the universe is mental" in the Kybalion (by the Three Initiates), when a dis-ease or imbalance finds its manifestation in the physical body, it has already spent a considerable amount of time in the mental and emotional bodies. Understanding this principle is critical to prevent the body from any ailment and maintain its optimal health and wellness with the help of energy healing.

Adapting a holistic approach in energy medicine is equally important to address any underlying causes of the issues at hand, and not only the symptoms. And, the crystals are profound tools to accomplish this job in their complexity while working with both human body and multiple layers of the aura when they are placed locally or on chakras and meridian channels.

How the Crystal Healing works

Crystal healing is energy medicine that helps facilitate healing for the body, mind and soul.

It is an alternative medicine technique that adapts a holistic approach to wellness, in which crystals are used to ease negative human conditions and protect the human body and energy systems against dis-eases.

Throughout the history, many ancient civilizations used crystals for their metaphysical and healing properties. However, good portion of this knowledge was wiped out from human consciousness and written history along with matriarchal heritages and human body's ability of healing naturally. Lineages in which the sacred knowledge and mystery teachings were handed down within oral traditions such as indigenous and shamanic cultures, and mystery schools have kept this flame alive.

Crystal Healing helps with easing physical pain, relieving emotional stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, bringing clarity to thoughts, improving time management, providing easy flow in everyday life, enhancing creativity, and raising consciousness with self-awareness and spiritual awakening among other healing properties. The detailed list of crystal healing support areas can be found on the Healing Session page.

When the crystals are placed on the physical body, the human energy field emanates from the energized and programmed crystals which act as conduit for healing as allowing the positive healing energy flow through the body systems while the negative and dis-ease causing energy flashes out.

If you are drawn to the crystal energies, I encourage you to engage with them with clear intention and in safe environment. Clearing, charging, and programing your crystals are musts when you first invite them into your life and continually benefit of their healing properties. Using discernment and trusting intuition is your guidance during this journey of discovery.

Educating yourself about the crystals, their healing properties, handling and storing them properly, and the subtle ways that they interact each other is another important point. In addition, I suggest you to consult with a pro crystal healer for advance healing modalities where various crystal protocols and healing techniques are applied for restoring, balancing and rejuvenating the energy bodies to achieve holistic health and wellness as well as improving spiritual living.


The Piezoelectric Effect

. . .

...The direct piezoelectric effect was first seen in 1880, and was initiated by the brothers Pierre and Jacques Curie. By combining their knowledge of pyroelectricity with their understanding of crystal structures and behavior, the Curie brothers demonstrated the first piezoelectric effect by using crystals of tourmaline, quartz, topaz, cane sugar, and Rochelle salt. Their initial demonstration showed that quartz and Rochelle salt exhibited the most piezoelectricity ability at the time.
Over the next few decades, piezoelectricity remained in the laboratory, something to be experimented on as more work was undertaken to explore the great potential of the piezoelectric effect. The breakout of World War I marked the introduction of the first practical application for piezoelectric devices, which was the sonar device. This initial use of piezoelectricity in sonar created intense international developmental interest in piezoelectric devices. Over the next few decades, new piezoelectric materials and new applications for those materials were explored and developed.
During World War II, research groups in the US, Russia and Japan discovered a new class of man-made materials, called ferroelectrics, which exhibited piezoelectric constants many times higher than natural piezoelectric materials. Although quartz crystals were the first commercially exploited piezoelectric material and still used in sonar detection applications, scientists kept searching for higher performance materials. This intense research resulted in the development of barium titanate and lead zirconate titanate, two materials that had very specific properties suitable for particular applications.

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