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spiritual awakening 101

Did you wake up one day and find yourself at the threshold of a breakthrough? Have your entire worldview and perception of self at an expense of kosmic existence been shifted?

At first, it might look like one particular occasion, yet everything you have experienced till that moment prepared you for this very experience. Then, you start developing your spiritual senses which have been dormant, waiting for the time to come that allows you to discover different realities, dimensions, and infinite possibilities.

That very moment rushes into you, freeing you from any limitations -again very subjective to your story- and connecting you with your own heart at a level in which you have never reached its depths.

This experience also involves some sort of pain -even a near death experience in some cases- which pushes the heart to open and let light in. As Sufi mystic Rumi stated once, "you have to keep breaking your heart until it opens". When we grow out of the pain, something miraculous happens. You are no longer the person who was stuck in advertised realities of lack mentality, consumerism, blame game, fight or flight patterns, addictions and other ground rules of the established systems.

You begin to remember who you truly are...that you are a multidimensional light being who is having a human experience on the planet Earth...that you are supported and never alone (even in the most desperate moments of human life).

However, before anchoring this new version of you, there comes the processes of healing, letting go, surrendering, and conscious expansion. And, I have to tell you, this process is not an easy one. It brings many dark nights of the soul, drastic changes in your immediate surroundings and life styles, people leaving and new ones entering into your life, discoveries of your shadow self, re-uniting with your lost parts, and remembrance of your mission and life purpose.

what is spiritual awakening?

To put it simply, spiritual awakening is a process initiated by a wake up call which takes one off of the systems' grasp, and put them on track with the unity of cosmic consciousness and their Higher Self.

It is the story of an Earth child finding their essence on the way of love and returning home.

When a child is born with radiating light, that pure and vibrant energy of all rays in nebulous blossoms mesmerizes us all by bringing joy and unconditional love into our hearts. However, the course of life awaits to dim their light since the early ages.

The very family who they craftily chose to be born into has its biggest role according to the contracts made between them way before. Every bruise, scratch, and fall transform into cherishing soul wounds, when the loved ones perform their capable incapabilities, and their character flaws are much needed for the lessons yet to come in the adulthood as if they were bounded by the divine law.

The child grows older, so do the weight of the wounds while chipping away their light and shaping their desires of being in line with the social norms and rules, just blending in the system dynamics. A simple direction of life is designed for all.

1) Get education based on ambitions and financial abilities of their family; 2) get employed to support the self till the time comes to take higher responsibilities of building own family whether it bursts out of love or by dictation of the family or social conducts; 3) get reproduced by joining forces of the suitable one with an instinct of securing the bloodline; 4) get honored for being the cause of the wounds bequeathed and freshly created for their posterity... Repeating the history that the humanity has been doomed to play until they individually decide to disturb this never ending cycles bounded by the ancestral wounds, programmings, and karma.

Spiritual awakening is a way of re-merging into the light that we all first brought, yet lost in our Earthly experiences. It is a wake up call for re-membering all lost parts of the soul.

why experience spiritual awakening and it matters?

There is a destined plot, self-written before the grand journey on Earth by the author of your Higher Self who is responsible for all the souls incarnated across multidimensionality including you.

There are risks of changing directions for unnecessary detours in the mix of planetary chaos in energy shift, negative ego dynamics, and external influences.

There is also a team of non-physical beings assigned to accompany this journey and correct the courses according to the destined plot; yet never ignore the free will for desiring Earthly adjustments in the blood, flesh, and human emotions.

There are gifts imprinted on the blueprint carrying ancestral wisdom as well as the baggages of negative patterning and emotional wounds, and there are emotions act as navigational messages to guide daily choices and breakthroughs.

This destined plot involves many soul mates, soul family members, maybe even twin flame who all come with a milestone experience sealed by a soul contract. They play important roles for your life purpose and lessons as well as your soul mission and the ascension journey intertwined with your ancestral heritage.

One of my personal gifts gained as an urban shaman after my ultimate awakening is to recognize these familiar faces in different human beings on different occasions. This web of kosmic connections beyond time and space is the basis of universal existence. And, understanding this fundamental mechanics of incarnation provides guidance to comprehend Gaia's current vibrational shift in ascension from 3rd density to the 5th. While the planet we reside on is going through a historic shift in vibration, we are very much caught in this drastic change which can result in spiritual awakening.

My experience with this awakening spontaneity dates back to high school years when I was constantly waking up at the mysterious 3am every night, then the timeline moved to 5am for little longer. I had no idea what was going on and why, although I had some help from human, animal and non-physical companions. Yet, all was beyond my comprehension at the current level of my human consciousness.

It is safe to say that we are given opportunity to open a door to higher consciousness at our 20s, yet we get again caught by the system dynamics synchronistically when the career-finance battle hits the ground. Then, finding our way back to conscious expansion may be blessed again later in life when certain life experiences lead the way. This time there is no going back or unsee what is seen.

understanding 'the matrix'

It is easier to explain dominions of the established systems by an allegory of movie trilogy, 'the Matrix' along with its latest addition titled 'Resurrections' (2021), which we all are familiar with the story and their connotations in religious and spiritual context.

By bringing the idea of an artificial world from the sci-fi territory to our everyday human experiences, I can state that the established systems function well in two strategies: alienating from the self (in guidance of negative ego dynamics) & sleeky control mechanisms.

At a non-awakened state, we are programmed to bury our emotions in the depth of our psyche and numb all feelings with overindulged consumerism, addictions, and illusions which are constantly stimulated by their very source built in a deepening gap between the illusory identities of negative ego and our True (Higher) Self.

Illusory collective believes dictate us what to believe, how to behave, what to consume internally, emotionally, and materially, and who to become. And this is served on a garnished plate of 'free-will', yet the selection of choices are limited and solely beneficiary to the systems agenda over human evolution.

This elaborates the idea of external influences in your life which prevent you from connecting your True Self and embracing your true nature of multidimensionality. Yet, the spiritual awakening acts as a knife cutting through this artificial veil and allowing you to advance your journey of ascension to take your righteous place in the universe. You are literally awakening from the illusions of the matrix systems, from a very deep and long sleep.

what comes next?

With spiritual awakening, two opportunities arise: developing spiritual senses and gifts & expanding conscious awareness. There is no set formula here as this journey is highly personal according to everyone's destined plot, soul mission & life purpose, contracts to fulfilled, and detours taken by free will and divine guidance.

Both opportunities of spiritual awakening depend on how well you clean up the extra weight of emotional wounds, negative thought & emotional patterns, ancestral traumas and programs, while embracing your shadow self, lost parts of the soul, and inner child representing the soul in its totality.

Doing this intense inner work requires stepping into the journey of transformation, applying various modalities of energy work, improving stamina, having clear intentions, and strong will to connect with your True Self. When you invite your True Self aka your kosmic intelligence into your physicality, life flows through you and for you at ease.

In other words, your self esteem and self love are restored, practices of gratitude and humility feel like a second skin, and your thoughts, choices, and actions are aligned with universal laws. So, fulfillment, joy, and abundance follow you as loyal friends while you are serving your purpose in this lifetime.

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