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Power Animal Retrieval, animal spirit, shamanic healing, core shamanism, power animals, sanat healing

Your Super Power

from animal spirits

want to meet your power animal?

Have you ever wished for having super powers? 

Metamorp, telepathy, invisibility, ecological empathy, telekinetic vision, omniscience, energy protection; which one is your favorite? 

With Power Animal Retrieval, you can re-gain power from the archetypes of animals at energetic level, but not quite the way the super powers are presented in the sci-fi context. 


Power animals are guardian animal spirits who come to one's life when their wisdom, guidance, and peculiar form of power are needed. The unity of human-animal power serves for the purpose of developing skills and talents to overcome current life challenges. Each animal power represents specific concepts of spiritual growth for human evolution. 

Power Animal Retrieval, shamanic healing practice, core shamanism

what to expect from power animal retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval is 30 min online session. Once you schedule your complimentary session, you will receive a link for vide conferencing via e-mail. Then all is required from you is to show up on time with your intention set to meet your power animal, and open your heart & mind to its mysteries. 

Upon your reunion with your animal spirit, you are encouraged to contemplate on the archetype and symbolism of the animal. You can find answer of the questions below in order to cultivate your relation with this new companion, and research further. 

What's your immediate response to this animal?

What associations, stories or myths can you think of in relation to this animal?

Which characteristics and personality traits do you relate with this animal?

What makes them unique in the Animal Kingdom? What are their strengths? 

When you reflect on your current life experiences and challenges, can you picture the ways that the wisdom and guidance of your animal spirit is contributing to your life? 

Meet the Shaman

quinn c turan

Power Animal Retrieval with Quinn, shamanic healing practice, core shamanism

Bridging Transformational Coaching with Energy Healing, I guide conscious Leaders & Creatives on their journey of transformation for spiritual growth and development to curate an authentic life & business, and kosmic legacies. 

After dedicating my intellect and creativity to the international art world in three continents for a decade, I now help humans to discover their soul mission & life purpose, connect their Higher Self, achieve personal, spiritual, creative, and sexual empowerment, and attain healtier life styles with clarity, purpose, and joy. 

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