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1:1 Sessions

4 petals of life, the foundation, root chakra, relationships, prosperity, pleasures, spirituality

Do you have a harmonious relation with the self, and willing to step into the next level of spiritual mastery?

Image by Olga Nayda
4 petals of life, the foundation, root chakra, relationships, prosperity, pleasures, spirituality

Are you ready to activate your blueprint (DNA) to lighten up the fullest potentials of your kosmic life?  

life dna activation, mystery school healing practice
distance crystal healing, energy healing with crystals for anxiety, stress, depression, spirituality

Ready to be supported with crystal energies at the physical, emotional & mental and spiritual levels?

crystal healing for physical body, emotional and mental mastery, spiritual healing
Image by SIMON LEE

spiritual alchemy

Do you want to connect your Higher Self and curate authentic life & business aligned with your purpose?

Image by SIMON LEE

Do you wish to freely express your core essence, ignite divine creativity, receive abundant inspirations?

Portrait of a young woman with bold glowing makeup posing in the studio. Shape of colored
facing fear to overcome emotional trauma, thought patterns, negative cycles, life lessons

Need guidance to connect inner light as walking into the unknown and evolving through the next chapter?

facing fear for spiritual, mental and emotional mastery and personal and spiritual empowerment
Awakening mastery to connect true self and curate authentic life aligned with soul mission, purpose

Are you seeking to curate authentic life & business, and achieve emotional, mental and spiritual mastery?

Awakening mastery for leader and creatives to curate authentic life and businesses with clarity, joy

1:1 Programs

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