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'spiritual alchemy'

 healing session

Spiritual Alchemy is designed to guide you to open up to your highest potentials and align with your life purpose in order to curate your authentic life & business while high performing with mental clarity, intuitive guidance, and abundance of creativity. 

This journey of transformation and the process of activating holistic wellness in your consciousness and daily life practices help you release unhealthy habits, outdated believes, negative thought and emotional patterns, and rewrite the story of who you truly are.


Spiritual Alchemy guides you develop strong intuition, gain spiritual sovereignty, and achieve personal empowerment in various areas: 

1) Self   2) Relationships   3) Finance & Career   4) Health   5) Spiritual Living  6) Community   7) Passion & Values

During each session, your conscious awareness is shaped around the current issues, possible solutions and outcomes, strategies, and their practical applications. Then, you take an inner journey to acquire a deeper understanding on the same issues while unblocking suppressed emotions and releasing pain. Last, a deep energy healing will be provided by crystal energies to support you at the physical, mental & emotional and spiritual levels in focus on the intentions of the session.

structure of the session

Tranformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Your journey of transformation begins with an honest conversation with the Self where current issues and objectives of life are addressed and investigated through the conscious state of mind.

Because awareness and acceptance are initial steps for transformative change, it is fundamental in the process to comprehend the current challenges as they are - free from any illusions caused by influenced perceptions througout lifetime. Identifying and decoding these outdated thought forms and patterns as they appear as challenges in your life allow you to receive unlimited potentials of kosmic experience as well as being in the flow of universal wholeness.

There are certain themes of subjects and matters may repeat in your life at different occasions with different people until the core lesson is fully learned. They may appear in various areas of life. And, if you draw negative conclusions around these experiences, you keep contributing to your old programing instead of overgrowing the lessons.

Once you detect these ongoing patterns and connect seemingly unrelated experiences together, your path of transformation will be swept clear. More clarity you gain for what works and what requires improvement in your life,

easier it gets to take a leap of faith to the next chapter in your journey of transformation.

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Shamanic Journeying Meditation

After investigating the current issues at the conscious level of mind, you are ready to gain deeper understanding of their effects on your past and present by journeying to the depths of your subconscious.

Our current believes are the repetition of the same thoughts over a long period of time. And, they have roots in our childhood experiences, past life traumas, and ancestral heritage. Breaking free from these thought and emotional patterns require deep understanding of what the issue is, what is the message or lesson, and the will to accept and let go of it. 

By taking you on a journey beneath your consciousness, Shamanic Journeying Meditation holds a safe and private space for you to lit light on these secret parts of your existence. It is important to understand that your current energies construct the script of this journeying meditation. Insights and solutions lay within you and only be accessed by you. The shamans role is to hold you a safe space in which you can be intimate with your own self.

Because your energy flow focused on the issues discussed in the coaching which shapes the conversation and intention of the entire session, each session becomes a unique experience of self discovery, learning and growth. 

Connecting your inner child, visiting your sanctuary, feeling the source energy through your physical and energy bodies while stretching the realms of time and space creates a ground work for a deep healing provided by the healing properties of crystals throughout your energy system. 

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Shamanic Journeying

Distance Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing provides potent energy healing to complete transformational cycle of the session. The choice of crystals and crystal protocols are are applied with an intention of responding the issues elaborated in the previous sections.

Crystal energies tunes the physical body with subtle bodies through chakras and energy field (aura) to allow the source energy harmoniously flow in and through the entire body system. Because crystals reside in certain frequencies intertwined with their colors, shapes, hardness. chemical formula and sacred geometry formations, they hold unique healing properties which have correspondences with the layers of the energy body in 3 categories: physical, emotional and mental, and spiritual.  

Although you may not be sensitive of feeling subtle energies in your physicality, you will surely be relaxed and content with increasing vitality in your body after the session. And knowing the crystal allies have just worked on restoring, shielding, clearing and rejuvenating your energy systems, you will be in flow of everyday acquiescences with greater appreciation and gratitude for life and yourself.

Distance Crystal Healing for psychical body, emotional and mental stability, spiritual empowerment
Crystals, crystal healing, energy healing with crystals

Crystals + Reiki

Crystals work harmoniously with Reiki energies. Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy therapy for relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki constitutes two Japanese words of Rei (Higher Power) and Ki (life force energy) which means 'spiritually guided life force energy'. The most important aspect of Reiki is assisting quietness in mind, so natural healing qualities of the body are activated when it is supported with stillness of the body.

In Distant Crystal Healing, Reiki methods are equally important as the crystal protocols in order to carry their energies across space and time while preparing the physical body and energy systems for the crystal energies as well as helping the body promote its natural state of holistic wellness. 

Crystal Healing

crystal healing support areas


Headache & Migraine, Muscle Tension, Common Ailments, Fatigue, Burnout, Weight Loss, Injuries,

Immune Deficiency, Digestive & Circulation Problems, Fertility, PMS

Emotional & Mental

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Anger & Fear Issues, Heartbreak, Loss & Grief, Emotional Eating,

Abandonment, Abuse, Boundary Issues, Addictions, Co-dependency, Lack of Clarity & Focus,

Negative Thought Patterns, Self-Worth & Self-Esteem Issues, Career Changes

Crystal Healing Properties


Aura Healing,  Manifestation Blockages, Developing Psychic Abilities, Transformation, Transition,

Care for Empaths & Highly Sensitives, Discovering Soul Purpose,

Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energies

some clients love

"I had multiple healing sessions including guided meditation and crystal therapies with Quinn. After each session, I felt great relaxation and clarity towards the obstacles in my life. We focused on forgiveness and childhood traumas which are challenging subjects to work on. She did an amazing job to guide me through what I have been struggling with for a long time. In just 2 sessions, I have experienced a great shift in my life. My awareness and life energy expanded greatly. Today, I feel more balanced, peaceful, and happy. 

She is a gifted healer with a professional attitude, and I cannot recommend her enough if you feel a little lost and would like to discover your best self." 

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