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client love

health coach, life coach, spiritual awakening, remote healing, reiki, crystals

susan c.
health coach, sf

She is a gifted healer and has a calm, friendly, and encouraging way about her that makes you feel at ease and comfortable sharing. She cleared stuck/blocked energy and infused beautiful source energy and light into my chakras. I could feel the energy shifting and my body become lighter and more balanced. During the session, Quinn mentioned that she felt I was carrying a weight on my shoulders, which appeared to be someone else's energy. I thought this was interesting because I felt a heaviness lifting from my shoulders and less discomfort in my neck. I also felt brighter and clearer. I felt so energized after the session, I picked up the journal I bought at the beginning of this year and finally wrote my first entry. Thoughts were flowing. My deepest gratitude to Quinn for her healing and for supporting me through my journey. 


mete a. 
gm design, london

I had multiple healing sessions including guided meditation and crystal therapies with Quinn. After each session, I felt great relaxation and clarity towards the obstacles in my life. We focused on forgiveness and childhood traumas which are challenging subjects to work on. She did an amazing job to guide me through what I have been struggling with for a long time. In just 2 sessions, I have experienced a great shift in my life. My awareness and life energy expanded greatly. Today, I feel more balanced, peaceful, and happy. 

She is a gifted healer with a professional attitude, and I cannot recommend her enough if you feel a little lost and would like to discover your best self. 


eda k.
writer, nj

I did not know what to expect from Life Activation with Quinn before meeting her but her presence fully connected with me that she would open up new avenues. And she did. After the Life Activation, I have started changing. I got some clarity and optimism towards future. The session kicked off weeding things that don't serve me. It was a magical experience also. Yes, she has a magic wand! When I heard my words, not in my voice but in hers at the end of the session, I didn't even know what to think. I just listened to her. Now I know, I should listen to my soul and body as well. I highly recommend Quinn's healing. 

reiki, crystals, distant healing, remote healing session, crystal healer, new york

oykum o.
gm research, istanbul

Quinn has a magical skill of healing by heart touching in her sessions, thanks to her determination, passion and talent. Feeling the flow of energy is magnificent, even striking. Especially the experience of inner child meditation and crystal energies were fascinating. Each session was an unknown inner journey which brings a kind of a perception of 'completion'. Thank you very much for your powerful and magical support to speed up the transformation effect in my life.

spiritual coach, crystal healing, crystals, healer, new york, usa

ozge o. 
cmo, istanbul

During the coaching part of the session, I felt like I was having an intimate talk to myself, the compassionate part of self reflected through Quinn. She becomes a mirror but not too distant from myself. She transmutes light which is creative, inclusive, warm and friendly. Her sessions are very rich, effective and expansive. After my first session, I wasn't quite myself for about two weeks. It felt like I started a journey in a different dimension. Now, before each session, I get excited about a thought of what else I am going to discover about myself this time. There is a magick at work in her sessions. I'm truly grateful, thank you, Quinn. 


victoria c.
musician, nyc

I began with Quinn with the 'Life Activation". She assured me that when you have a firm belief things will happen. I scheduled 3 more Healing Sessions with her and she has greatly helped me out of old negative patterns and limiting thoughts. It is great heaving someone form Modern Mystery School who has Esoteric/ Hermetic/ Shamanic teaching, wisdom right here in New York. Are you ready to release negative energy and allow a new beginning in your life? I would highly recommend her if your are poised to live an Extra-Ordinary life as a Sovereign Being. She has helped me and supported me to heal and make the best conscious choice to live my exalted life. 

crystal healer, brain profiler, eq practitioner, emotional intelligence, reiki master, spiritual coach

eric r.
athlete, nyc

I highly recommend Quinn and her practice! She's a professional at what she does, and her passion and love for what she does is evident through her work! In just a few sessions, I've noticed a difference in my energy level, in addition to some improvements with some nagging injuries that I've dealt with. If you're looking for a clean, positive atmosphere that works, look for Quinn!

crystal healing, crystals, life coaching, healer, reiki, new york

edward r. 
comptroller, nyc

I had a professional and comfortable session with Quinn. The association of the powerful crystals and Quinn's strong energy put me in a semi-conscious state which was ideal to work and open my chakras, and allow a full restoration. I left relaxed, clear headed, and ready to face my day. I recommend her services to all minded people that want more in life, and are seeking to elevate their level of consciousness to deliver the best of themselves.

reiki, crystals, healer, emotional quotient, emotional intelligence, life coach, manhattan, reiki therapist, brain profiler, eq

patrick m.
cfo, nyc

After my session with Quinn, I felt a great gratitude for her, I felt at peace and very relax. After a short meditation, she opened all my chakras using the crystals. Once the energy was flowing fluidly throughout my body, Quinn placed the crystals on parts of my body that needed special healing. I believed in the power of the mind to heal the body, even more so since I met Quinn and her magic crystals.

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